Tuesday, January 1, 2013

60 Day Challenge - Week 1 Menu and Grocery List

Welcome to Week 1 of our Eat To Live, Live To WOD 60 Day Challenge.  One of the key areas this challenge focuses on is clean eating and how by making this one macro (big) change, the return of investment is gigantic.  I follow a Paleo / Primal lifestyle.  What does this mean?  It means I've chosen to eliminate all grains, legumes, processed carbohydrates, and dairy from my diet.  This doesn't mean I eat like a rabbit and my food doesn't taste like cardboard.  On the contrary  it's quite the opposite.  I enjoy meals full of meats, veggies, healthy fats, some nuts, and occasionally a small amount of fruit.  My plate is always full and I never go hungry.

Now everyone has their own version of Paleo / Primal and I've never met anyone who is 100% perfect.  You may challenge my methods and question the meals I eat and share with you during this challenge.  That's okay.  I want you to because hopefully that means you're taking it upon yourself to learn more about the Paleo / Primal lifestyle.  No "diet" will ever be so perfect that it works for everyone and by educating yourself, you'll start to learn what of the lifestyle works best for you.  All we want to do is provide the tools and foundation to get you started.  I honestly hope that along the ways you begin to feel comfortable adjusting the menu, the recipes, and the ingredients to make it your own.  Those are the accomplishments I love to hear about from everyone! 

Here's how the weekly menus and grocery lists work:
  • Everything will be posted each Sunday (except for Week One which is posted today).
  • The menu will be comprised of any recipes for that week along with some quick easy meal ideas that require nothing but what you already have in the fridge. 
  • To get the recipes, visit our website.  Each week there will be a new Label called 60 Day Challenge - Week "X" (i.e. 60 Day Challenge - Week 1).  If you click on that label  the menu, grocery list, recipes, and any other articles for that week will come up.  
  • You get to decide on what day to eat which delicious recipe
  • The grocery list is structured so that you can print off and make adjustments where necessary.  The list may look big at first but remember, if you have all the spices listed, than you don't need to buy.  If the week before you bought 2 cauliflower heads because they were on sale, than you don't need to buy this week.
This whole process may be new to you and sound complex, but just remember, if you stick to the basics we provide and the grocery list we create, there are no other rules.  Get creative with your veggies; spice up the meat a different way; forget about what a traditional breakfast is.  Embrace the change, don't stress, and have fun!

To download the Week 1 Menu and Grocery List, click the link: 60 Day Challenge - Week 1

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